Magnesium / Magnesium Elektron

Magnesium Elektron (Manufacturing base UK)

Magnesium Elektron is the manufacturer of magnesium materials such as alloy ingots for castings, billets, extruded materials, sheet materials, powders and others.
The company's development materials including zirconium and rare earths have high strength and heat resistance, and have been used as aircraft parts in Japan, Europe and the United States.They also offer special materials that can be applied to applications requiring light weight and high characteristics such as motor sports and defense industry.

Magnesium / Magnesium Elektron

Magnesium Elektron North America (Manufacturing base USA)

In the US factory (Magneisum Elektron North America), they manufacture rolled sheets.
Rolling from slab enables to manufacture thick plates with high dimensional precision, so it can be used as vibration test machines or as a base material for machining. Not only conventional magnesium alloy but also high strength alloy developed by the company can be offered, it is suitable for applications which require high characteristics. They also offer photoengraving plates (magnesium plate, copper plate, zinc plate, brass plate).

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