Nickel Alloy / Special Metal

We supply very special and highly engineered materials.



Carpenter is the leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of various special steels, specialty alloys (bar) and powder metals.

Magneisum Elektron North America(USA)

MENA supplies magnesium rolled plate. Thick and precise plate produced by rolling from slab, can be used as table for vibration test, base material for machining and so on. Plates of high performance Elektron alloys are also available and suitable for applications which require high property at elevated temperature.

Photoengraving Plate

We supplie Magnesium, copper, zinc and brass plate for photoengraving manufactured by Magnesium Elektron North America. We also deal with several chemicals for photoengraving.

RSP TECHNOLOGY (The Netherlands)

RSP Technology supplies the aluminum alloys made by the Rapid Solidification Process. By this process the ultra fine homogeneous microstructure is created and it is possible to produce the aluminum alloys with the high smoothness and the strength of titanium. The company proposes the optimum materials for optical lenses, reflecting mirror, precision machines, automotive parts and medical applications.

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