Various type of piping alloyed material (Heat exchanger tubes, Boiler tubes and pipes, and so on)

To support increasing demand in emerging nations on new power generation plant, oil refinery plant and chemical plant designed by Japanese engineering companies, our wide range of products and supply chain can meet to the international norm such as ASTM, ASME, DIN, EN and so on.


Neotiss (Production in France, the U.S.A., China, India, and Korea) *Formerly called VALTIMET.

Neotiss the largest manufacturer of Titanium and Stainless welded tubes. They have production facilities all over the world, and maintain very high market share especially in Titanium tubes for Condenser of Power Plants, and Low-Finned tubes for MSR (Moisture Separator Reheater) of Nuclear Power Plants. Developing the original welded tubes with higher heat exchange efficiency, they possess globally the top level of capacity of technological development.

Vallourec (Production in France, Germany, and China)

Vallourec is one of the biggest manufacturers of Tubes / Pipes for Oil&Gas, and Power-Gen market in the world. Morimura Bros., Inc. is the representative of Vallourec for Power-Gen market in Japan, which allows us to supply boiler tubes and Pipes with high quality, to Japanese Boiler Manufacturers for their oversea projects.

Tubacex (Production in Spain, Italy, the U.S.A., Austria, and India)

Tubacex is Spanish piping manufacture who is supplying high quality tubes, pipes, and elbows all over the world.

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